M. Fragstein

Erbematte, Giovanni Gallo, Federico Lupo sono lieti di invitarvi alla seconda edizione di Hot Flowing Pixel Festival

20 maggio 2010
LOMAX Catania
cortile archirotti 1
20.30 / 22.30

The forest

Antonia is a 12 years old girl. She often has daydreams, in which she wanders of in to a magical far way forest, were she hides from the problems af the real world. One day, however, her father takes drasticmeasures and she has to face a decision.

Conceived, written, directed and animated by David Scharf
Spund and Music by Javi Otere and César Meler, 48 Bullion Atoms
Speakers voice TV Ads Stephen Taylor
Character design André Ljosaj

David Scharf

R. Casdia


D. Stingone