M. Fragstein

Erbematte, Giovanni Gallo, Federico Lupo sono lieti di invitarvi alla seconda edizione di Hot Flowing Pixel Festival

20 maggio 2010
LOMAX Catania
cortile archirotti 1
20.30 / 22.30

The festival ENG

The second edition of Hot Flowing Pixel Festival, a festival of short animated movies created by Giovanni Gallo, Professor of Computer Graphics at the University of Catania, organised by the not for profit association Erbematte together with Federico Lupo of Galleria Zelle in Palermo, is about to start. Unlike the first edition of the Festival, where short animated movies were created with free software and without commercial purposes (most of those were created with Blender), the second edition opens up to different kinds of animation. The co-operation with the young curator Federico Lupo has led to a selection of artists who use animation as a way to express their art, and not only as a way of expressing state of the art technology, but of a personal journey which has found a timeless channel of communication in the use of animation. The selected artists are all very different, not only in terms of achievements, but also in terms of their personal journeys and the goals they have set to achieve through their work. The inclusion of so many different works should not led to believe that Hot Flowing is a mere container of images, but rather, it is a wide selection of techniques and issues aimed at providing the audience with a wide range of information. There will be no hierarchies nor geographical differences - for example, there will be students and renowned professionals - and the festival aims at presenting the views of young international artists. Soon there will be a session focussing on selected works.

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