M. Fragstein

Erbematte, Giovanni Gallo, Federico Lupo sono lieti di invitarvi alla seconda edizione di Hot Flowing Pixel Festival

20 maggio 2010
LOMAX Catania
cortile archirotti 1
20.30 / 22.30

Emanuele Kabu

Emanuele Bortoluzzi born in Belluno on 31 Dec. 1978. Lives and works in Belluno.
He starts as graffiti writer in 1994. After 2000 he starts to make drawings, illustrations and paints. In 2003 he starts to create animated loops that he uses during live performance. Since 2004 he has works on the creation of short animated films.
Former singer with the hardcore band KaiYanWang, in 2000 he forms the electronic music group ENT. ENT participate to various compilations as well as national and international festivals. From 2007 he starts a new noise/ambient project called GreenMine and from 2008 he starts the Rotorvator project focused on experimental black metal music.


R. Casdia


D. Stingone