M. Fragstein

Erbematte, Giovanni Gallo, Federico Lupo sono lieti di invitarvi alla seconda edizione di Hot Flowing Pixel Festival

20 maggio 2010
LOMAX Catania
cortile archirotti 1
20.30 / 22.30

Michael Bauer

Born in Munich on November 4th 1983.
After completing his A-levels in 2004, he went on to study Multimedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences, in Ausburg. During his studies he produced various short films, though never pubished them. In 2009 he created the 3D short "Saturn" as his diploma thesis and gradueted from university. After that he went on six month travel, visiting Indonesia, New Zeland and Australia, and returning in December 2009.


R. Casdia


D. Stingone