M. Fragstein

Erbematte, Giovanni Gallo, Federico Lupo sono lieti di invitarvi alla seconda edizione di Hot Flowing Pixel Festival

20 maggio 2010
LOMAX Catania
cortile archirotti 1
20.30 / 22.30

Lorenzo Papace

Lorenzo Papace was born the 15th january 1986 in Lyon. He started to learn classical piano at the age of 4. He is a composer, photographer, film director and a graphic designer. After studying architecture, he decided to devote himself entirely to his art. In 2007 il creates the band Cherchat wich broke after a first intimist album, Waterywords. In 2008, he joined th theater company Princesse Club for the creation of Le silence de Lil show. In 2009, Lorenzo created the band Ödland.

R. Casdia


D. Stingone